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DisNeyLand PARIS

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In RER B train
Notre Dame
Just got the bus pass in Paris
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Special thanks to someone named Umar (age 23, French) who helped us when we were lost on our first day in Paris. Even though we are of different races, different cultures, and speak different languages, there is one thing dat makes our relationship so strong...which is the bond between Muslims..

When he saw us after we got off the train, he suddenly asked us.. "Are U Muslims?".Then we replied.."Yes, we are Muslims". Maybe because my wife was wearing the hijab, he cud easily tell that we are Muslims.He then told us that he is Muslim too and showed us the way to the mosque and asked us whether we have prayed or not..We didn't go there because we intended to pray in our room coz it was very late at that moment..almost 12 midnite.. To summarize, he helped us to find our way to the hotel..actually we didn't want him to send us right in front of the hotel coz we thought dat wud just burden him.. but it was very difficult for us to communicate with him since we talked in different first we talked in English and he talked in French...but both of us didn't get each other..then he talked in Arabic..thank God bcoz we know some of the sentences in Arabic...but most of the time we used body language is much more comprehensible...
It took us around 1 hour to get to the hotel coz it was not easy to find it and Umar kept talking about Islam and showed us the book dat has the pictures of the mosques in Arab and Prophet Muhammad's properties such as his clothes, eyeliners and slippers.

Before reaching the hotel, he wanted to buy us some food but we didn't want him to do dat as we have already burdened him a lot... Then at the entrance of the hotel, we gave him some money as a "sadaqah" for him but he refused to take it..instead, he gave us his money as a "sadaqah" for kind...

That was the first time we met him (such a gold-hearted person) and hopefully it wudn't be the last time.
Meeting with you has been fated and may Allah bless you because of your kindness..

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Masjid Tanah, Melaka

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Wedding Ceremony - 12 August 2006

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The Start Of Something New

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